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    • Chris Capper

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      I am a CIDP sufferer. 1st onset 1992. I am 49 yrs old
      My previous specialist (Dr Willoughby has retired) and last 6 – 8 yrs i have been well, however i have had a relapse start up again and i need to contact a neurologist quickly. I am taking my usual 300mg Methylprednisolone dose but its not completly knocking it back. Perhaps i need IVIG ?
      Who should i contact? (My Dr is not very proactive)

    • Gareth Parry

      Medical Expert

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      I suggest you try to get an appointment with Dean Kilfoyle. If you are a former patient of Dr Willoughby I don’t think you need to go through your GP. Just call the Neurology Department and tell them you were a patient of Willoughby and your CIDP is relapsing and ask for an appointment with Kilfoyle.

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