Stories of People Affected by GBS

We've included here a selection of the many stories we have gathered.

The first is a story by one of our recovered patients, Bob Stothart, who writes about his experiences shortly after his recovery, and then revisits the subject almost twenty years later.

Eight-year old Courtney Bryant told this story at the 2005 GBS conference.

Peter Scott has written about his encounter with GBS and his experiences coping with the aftermath.

A Thorn in the Flesh: Loxley Jensen's encounter with GBS. Loxley has also written of his experiences in ICU in 1985.

Julie Rivett was a board member of the GBS Trust. She is based in Christchurch and suffers from CIDP.

Chris Gambell tells us of his encounter and his treatment at Wellington Hospital. From the 2008 AGM in Christchurch.

Lillias Morgan relates her experiences of succumbing to GBS and her recovery.

Grant McKay tell us of his encounter with GBS in 2003 and of his slow recovery and determination to beat the syndrome.

Brian Bennett has some advice for recurring foot problems.

Neil Hickland of Carterton relates his experiences of being dealt this difficult hand to play.

Renee Ball’s (pdf) article in the New Zealand Women’s Weekly.

GBS affects everyone in slightly different ways. If you would like to tell us about your experiences as a sufferer or a carer please contact Tony and he will arrange to publish it (anonymously if you wish) in the quarterly newsletter or on the website. We can all learn from each others’ experiences of dealing with GBS.