The 2017 Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Group will be held in Rotorua over the weekend of 5th to 7th May at the Novotel Lake End Hotel.

A registration form can be downloaded here.

The conference programme will commence on Friday afternoon at 3.00pm with a workshop for existing and aspiring authorised hospital visitors. All currently authorised hospital visitors are encouraged to attend to contribute their input and past year’s experiences to the workshop. If you would like to become a visitor and “do your bit” for the Group please contact the Secretary Tony Pearson.

The Wine Cheese and Chat gathering at 5.30pm is a great chance to catch up with old friends in the Group, meet new ones and have “one on one” chats with the experts.

Conference will be opened at 8:45 on Saturday morning by our Patron the Hon Steve Chadwick and a full day of presentations is planned from members of the Medical Advisory Board on GBS/CIDP and Variants as well as contributions from other authorities and members recounting their own GBS experiences and one or two “surprises”. The “Ask the Experts” session at the end of the day is always a popular session where you can ask questions about things you personally what to know.

Conference dinner at 7.00pm is a most enjoyable evening and a chance to get to know fellow members even better.

The Annual General meeting at 9.30am on the Sunday morning is perhaps not so exciting but is nonetheless very important for the Group to maintain its legal status AND just as importantly a chance for members to let the Board know what they would like addressed in the coming year.

As Britain AND America discovered recently – if you don’t stand up and be counted you may not like the result but have no right to complain!

We look forward to seeing you there!