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Welcome to the website of the Guillain Barré (pronounced gee-lane bah-ray) Syndrome Support Group New Zealand Trust, a support group for sufferers and survivors of Guillain Barré syndrome and its related condition CIDP and the other variants of the disease.

Guillain Barré syndrome is an inflammation of the peripheral nerves connecting the skin and muscles to the central nervous system and leads to progressive weakness in the arms and legs. It is caused by the body’s own immune system turning on itself and attacking the nerves by mistake.

Newly diagnosed?

A diagnosis of Guillain Barré syndrome can be alarming and overwhelming. We have put together a succinct guide to Guillain Barré syndrome to help you understand the disease. You may also like to read the personal experiences of our members.

Join us

Membership of the group is free. Members receive a quarterly newsletter and are able to attend, speak and vote at the annual general meeting. A membership application form is available for download. Find out more about us or download an application form.

Make contact

Make sure you contact us if you have an enquiry. We also have a Facebook group, where you can link with members, and you can follow the groups’ activities in our newsletter.

We hold a national conference every two years. The 2019 Conference will be held at the Ibis Hotel, Hamilton on the 26–28 April.